If you're going to buy drugs, buy safe drugs.

Method: Buying safe drugs online using dark net markets, TOR, and bitcoin

Please realize there are risks involved in consuming illicit substances. I do not want to encourage you to consume illict substances. However, if you're going to consume drugs, ordering high purity substances on the dark net markets is likely much safer.

I wrote this guide because I care about harm reduction for drugs.

I think it sucks that people unnecessarily die from consuming drugs that aren't what they say they are.

This is for people that are going to consume substances. I want these people to have access to the safest substances possible. Street drugs are of much lower average safety than drugs ordered from reputable dark net market vendors.

If you do drugs, please be safe and order them from reputable vendors, so that you know what you are taking and don't risk your health.

Lead time required: Up to 2 weeks. Don’t leave until the last minute.

Note, the beware of the URLs in this guide. Check them against the URLs listed in the sidebar here.

Step 1: Get set up with TOR

Step 2: Get an AlphaBay (dark net market) account

Step 3: Choose which safe drug you're going to buy, and how much money you'll need

Step 4: Buy the bitcoin (takes a few days)

Step 5: Transfer bitcoin to AlphaBay

Step 6: Buy the product

Step 7: Receive the product


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Thanks for reading. Republished from Reddit with permission.

Please be safe.